A Conversation for Houston Women

Why Houston Women?

I spent 10 years of my career leading women and girls organizations and initiated the first and only empirical study on the charitable giving patterns of Houston women. The study found the multiplicity of interests of Houston women donors diluted our voice and, consequently, our power to resolve the challenges we want to address.

The research shows we can make a bigger difference! How can we use

giving networks, angel and impact investing, and social entrepreneurship to create change?

While these approaches are growing in silos in Houston, we lack shared information on how to access and integrate them into our philanthropy, portfolios, and business models.

Do you want to strengthen your capacity to make an impact? Join us!  Do you want to connect, brainstorm, and learn with top minds in Houston? Join us! Are you curious about these new tools but uncertain? Join us!


Our agenda includes:

  • Charitable Giving Patterns Data Snapshot
  • Five Lightning Talks from Houston Innovators 
  • Two Rounds of Table Talk
  • Q&A and Idea Exchange

Read presenter bios here. Local philanthropy and social impact leaders will also join us to facilitate table conversations!

Guiding questions for our conversation:

  • How can I know my resources are not supporting the very problems I seek to alleviate?
  • Why is our current charity model not enough?
  • How can Houston women use our financial power in all its forms- philanthropic, investment, and purchasing- to give in alignment with our values?
  • How can my money do good while still providing strong returns and financial security?


The following groups are invited. Yes, men are absolutely welcome!


· Individual Donors and Givers 

· Philanthropists and Foundations

· Investors

· Trust Officers

· Wealth Advisors

· Entrepreneurs

· People interested in giving with others

· Impact Organizations 

Presenter Bios

Capital for Change Presenter Bios_ (pdf)